Personal Daily Log — Word Cloud

Andrew Chien
2 min readMay 15, 2021

Following the similar concept of the word cloud of film log data, here targets on the daily work and life log data. So first of all, we get the data and filter out the null data.

Life and work log data

After that, we convert the data frame into the list and then put all the value from the list into a string variable. Following that, we then run the word cloud module.

Word cloud for the daily log

Once the word cloud function is run, then we could get the result as the following image. From this image, we can infer I’m a person who tends to make, test and check something. In the same time, as my work is heavily data driven, so from the word cloud image, we can also find data this word is in big size. And the words like python, API, dashboard, ArcGIS, Tableau, code are also data-related terms. It makes sense they’re quite obvious in the word cloud image. In addition, meeting and discussion are also inevitable in work, they’re quite evident in the image as well. And as a Christian, the words like church, Bible and Sunday Service are logically to be shown here too.

That’s all for the use case of word cloud in my daily log. It’s quite simple but in the same time clearly give the information of how my time is spent in the past 4 years. Hope you enjoy reading this and have a nice day!