AC Daily Log Part 1 : Design Part

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I’ve developed a habit of writing daily logs since 2017. Truth be told, writing daily log makes me feel drab in the beginning. And guess people might be curious about what point to spark my interest to do so? The story begin with joining an old friend’s training program. In that program, trainee were required to write daily logs in the power point. And after joining the program for around 2 to 3 week, for some reasons I drop in the middle of that. However, to some extent I find writing daily log is useful to track our life and check some important information. Therefore, I decide to keep this habit moving forward but change the way and form of writing it.

Google sheet was chosen for writing my daily logs afterwards. But why choose Google sheet? Firstly because sheet format is easier to organize and manipulate data. Secondly, that I can even use my mobile phone to input my daily log information makes it more convenient. After collecting so many information from daily logs, the next step is to gain the value from it. As mentioned above, daily logs can be used to track our life, but taking it as the way to knowing more about myself and enhancing my life can be even more important. In order to achieve that, hereby I try to adopt the concept of CRISP-DM for my daily logs. CRISP-DM breaks the data mining process into six phases, which are as the following:

CRISP-DM Flow Chart

However, here will focus more on the first 3 blocks and then do the basic analysis first as my modeling ability is not fully established yet. In terms of business understanding, it would then be about understanding myself and improving my life. About data understanding, there are 7 types of data collected, which are as the following:

Andrew Daily Log Data Type

For the life and work, what film and book I read, it’s more about understanding myself. And pray or meditation time, exercise time, walking distance and early wake-up time, it play the role of pushing myself to develop a good habit. Each year, specific goal of these four data type is also set, will talk more about this in the other parts.

And as time passes, the format of daily logs change as well. In data preparation phase, data need to be pre-processed so as to formalize data. For the case here, the data merge process can be divided into 4 parts as the following chart. For the detailed parts of how data is cleaned and merged, this will be discussed in the other articles.

Daily Logs Merge Flow Chart

Lastly, leave a quote from Alber Einstein.

Without deep reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people.

Albert Einstein